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Library Multi Purpose Room

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Reservation Cost

$25.00 per day

Max Occupancy 230


  1. Chairs
  2. Electricity
  3. Restrooms
  4. Trash
  5. Wi-Fi
There is a $25 deposit for all reservations. On the day of use you must obtain a key to the Multi Purpose Room from the Kanab City Office. There are 100 padded chairs and 3 long tales in the room available for use. The room must be left clean when you leave. Remove garbage and trash from the room. A vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies are available but must be requested from a Library staff person before your planned use of the room. Extra trash bags are available in the kitchen area. No food or personal items should be left in the room. The room will be checked after your use, if the room is in the same condition as you found it, a refund of your security deposit will be made by the City. Neither the City or Library assumes any responsibility for theft or breakage for personal items which are used in this room. Please have someone in the room during the time that you have it scheduled to safeguard as the room should not be locked. It is your responsibility to lock the building when you leave. Please return the key as soon as possible to the City Office when you are finished with your reservation.
Weekly profit-making groups - $500.00/yr
Monthly profit-making groups - $125.00/yr
Non-profit groups (weekly-monthly) - $100.00/yr
Single Use (no food) - $25.00
Single Use (with food or drinks) - $75.00

Your reservation will be approved once payment has been received by the Kanab City Office. You can make payment by phone, mail, or hand deliver to the City Office.

-Turn off the lights
-Make sure back door to Multipurpose Room is closed tight
-The room is vacuumed
-Trash bags replaced
-Chairs put back
-Kitchen wiped down (if used)
-Doors locked.
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