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Building Application & Permit

  1. 1. Building Application & Permit (Completed, Submitted and Signed) 2. Site Plan (Plat Drawing of building location on property) 3. Two Copies of Construction Drawings & PDF Copies, include Cross Section of Construction and foundations and must contain sufficient detail to comply with Local, State and Federal Building Code. (May require approval by Building Inspector) 4. Compaction Test on Foundation 5. Notations as needed 6. Septic Permit (If no Sewer), Soils Test 7. Estimated Value of project or provide Sq. Ft. of each area of construction in notations. i.e. living area, garage, porch, carport, etc. *Permits only become active when paid in full. *Online applicants will be contacted by phone to confirm your request and provide you with fees and payment information. *Water, Sewer and Electric connection fees are not included in a Building Permit. If you have any questions, please contact the Land Use Coordinator Mike Reynolds at 435-616-0784 or

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