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Planning & Zoning / Development

  1. Conditional Use Permit Application
  2. General Plan Amendment Application
  3. Lot Line Adjustment Application

    Use for the relocation of the property boundary line in a subdivision between two adjoining lots with the consent of the owners record.

  4. Planned Development Overlay Application
  5. Preliminary Plat Application (Major)
  6. Subdivision Initial Application
  1. Final Plat Application
  2. Home Occupation Permit Application
  3. Minor Subdivision Application (also commonly referenced as a Lot Split)
  4. Plat Amendment or Vacating Application

    An applicant petitioning to vacate, alter, or amend an entire plat, a portion of a plat, or a street or lot contained therein shall... More…

  5. Site Plan Review Application
  6. Zone Change Application

    Application is hereby made to the City Council of Kanab City to amend the Kanab City Zoning Map by reclassifying the following... More…