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Conditional Use Permit Application

  1. Fees

    The calculated fees are required before processing of this application can begin. After submitting this form, the applicant will have an opportunity to pay the required fees/deposits by mail or by hand delivery to the Kanab City Office. Note: When this application is accompanied with an Application for Home Occupation Permit, the fees for this application will be waived. Note: Additional deposits will be required when initial deposits are fully expended. Any unused portion of deposits will be refunded to applicant upon completion of the project. For residential use the fee is $100 and for everything else the fee is $300. You will be contacted by the Land Use Coordinator for further instructions.

  2. These items are required before processing of Application can begin:

    1. Legal description of subject property certified by a licensed land surveyor in the State of Utah. 2. Site plan drawn to scale and showing all proposed and/or existing buildings, fences, landscaping, parking, loading areas, topography for irregular sites. 3. A photocopy of the Kane County Ownership Plat Map showing all property owners within 300 feet of Applicant's property. You must submit all Exhibits by email, mail, or hand deliver to the Kanab City Office.

  3. Name and nature of business/operation/use.

  4. Yes, No, or N/A

  5. Yes, No, or N/A

  6. If either license is required, this Conditional Use Permit will not become effective until said licenses are acquired and recorded with the Kanab City Business License Officer.

  7. Zoning Information

    Select the current Zone District that the business is located in. If unsure refer to the Kanab City Zoning Ordinance Map located in the Kanab City office and also in the Land Use Coordinator's office.

  8. Adjacent Property Owner(s)

    Please list names, street addresses and mailing addresses for owners of property within 140 feet from the outer boundary of the subject property. This includes property owners across the street and in the rear of the subject property. In determining the 140 feet, the width of any intervening street or alley shall not be included.

  9. Each Owner(s) of property within this requested Change Amendment must enter his/her name and date. Owner(s) understand that this change application may require a public hearing before the Kanab City Planning Commission and/or the Kanab City Council. If a publication notice is required, refer to Utah State Land Use Code for the requirements.


    Scroll down and submit.

  11. Planning Commission Approval

    The Planning Commission finds: 1. That the proposed use is necessary or desirable and will contribute to the general well being of the community. 2. That the use will not be detrimental to the health, safety or general welfare of persons or persons residing or working in the community, or injurious to property or improvements in the vicinity. 3a. That the proposed use will comply with the regulations of the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance; i.e. it is listed a conditional use. Or. 3b. That the proposed use is in harmony with the character and intent of the zone in which the use resides. 4. That the proposed use ins in harmony with the intent of the Kanab City General Plan.

  12. This Conditional Use Permit shall be null and void one year after approval unless substantial work shall have been accomplished toward its completion. This Conditional Use Permit may be revoked upon failure to comply with any of the condition imposed with the original approval of the permit.

  13. Planning Commission Decision

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