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Final Plat Application

  1. The calculated fee for this application is a deposit of $2200 with an additional $85/lot. You can make payment by mail or hand delivery to the Kanab City Office.

  2. Upon Planning Commission recommendation and City Council approval of the preliminary plat, the applicant shall prepare and submit an application form for a final plat to the Kanab City Development Committee.

  3. -The proposed subdivision name; the name and address of the applicant, engineer, or surveyor for the subdivision and owners of the land to be subdivided. -The boundary dimensions and legal description of the subdivision and each lot therein which is within 0.010' with the point of beginning clearly labeled; A minimum scale of 1" = 50'; The proposed streets, parks, open spaces and other offers of public dedications, showing widths and pertinent dimensions as well as points of intersection of each; Existing rights-of-way and easement grants of record for streets, underground utilities and other public purposes; A north arrow facing the top of right margin; The latest date on each sheet; The acreage of square footage for all parcels or lots and the length and width of the blocks and lots intended for sale; A legend of symbols; All survey monuments; The streets indicating numbers and/or names and lots numbered consecutively; The location, width, center-line bearings and curve data (including delta angle, radius, length, tangent and the long cord on curves) and other dimensions of all existing proposed or platted streets and easements; The streets, lots, and properties within two hundred feet (200') surrounding the subdivision shown in ghost lines; The approval signature blocks for: Owner's dedication and acknowledgment; Surveyor's stamped certificate with subdivision boundary legal description; City Surveyor's approval; City Engineer's approval; City Engineer's approval; City Attorney's approval as to form; Director of Public Works' approval; Planning Commission acceptance; City Council approval; County Recorder's certificate.

  4. Refer to the Kanab City Subdivision Ordinance and the Kanab General Plan for additional information. You must submit these Attachments by email, mail or hand deliver to the Kanab City Office.

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