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General Plan Amendment Application

  1. Application is hereby made to the City Council of Kanab City, Utah, to amend the Kanab City General Plan Map by reclassifying the following property.

  2. Fees

    No fees or deposits are required with this Application, however, there may be fees and deposits required with additional specific applications which must be paid in full prior to making application to the Planning Commission. Those fees may be a $200 deposit plus an acreage charge.

  3. Developer Address

    If different than applicant.

  4. A list of names, street addresses and mailing addresses, phone numbers, for property owners of property within 300 feet from the outer boundary of the subject property.

  5. The following items may be required before processing of Application can begin:

    A. Development Plan - Two copies of a development plan with necessary sketches drawn to scale showing the subject property and the surrounding properties within 140 feet of subject property and where pertinent, the use or uses, dimensions and locations of proposed and existing structures (including signs), area to be reserved for vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking, public uses, landscaping and other open spaces. B. Covenants and Deed Restrictions - If there are any covenants or deed restrictions in effect relative to any of the subject property. C. Legal Description of Subject Property, Certified by a Licensed Land Surveyor in the State of Utah.

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