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Home Occupation Permit Application

  1. The calculated fee of $75 will be required before processing of this application can begin. You can make payment by mail or hand deliver to the Kanab City Office.

  2. Application for a Conditional Use Permit must be submitted prior to and/or at the same time Application for Home Occupation is being requested.

  3. The Home Occupation shall not occupy a total area greater than twenty-five (25) percent of the improved portions of the dwelling and shall not change the character thereof.

  4. Accessory buildings may be used, but outside storage or activities are not permitted except for nursery schools and day-care, in which case, it is presumed that rear yard space is utilized and the rear yard space must be completely fenced with at least a six (6) foot high fence.

  5. Any signs or other outside displays shall not be allowed. Any employee that does not reside at the residence shall not be allowed.

  6. Off-street parking will be provided which will, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, be adequate to accommodate all vehicles which will be parked on or about the premises by customers, clients or occupants of the dwelling. Said off-street parking will be provided so that it will not decrease residential amenities in the area surrounding the dwelling.

  7. The following list presents examples that are not incidental or compatible with residential activities and are prohibited.

  8. A Conditional Use Permit covering home occupation shall be revoked or modified by the Planning Commission if any one of the following findings can be made:

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