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Planned Development Overlay Application

  1. Fees

    The calculated fees are a deposit of $600 + Acreage Charge are required before processing of this application can begin. After submitting this form the applicant will have an opportunity to pay the required fees/deposits by mail, or hand deliver to the Kanab City Office.

  2. Applicant Information

  3. Indicate approximate property location using (East-West / North-South) street address.

  4. State the time table for development.

  5. Refer to Kanab City Land Use Ordinance - Sensitive Lands Section.

  6. Base Density

    Base density for a Planned Development Overlay shall be determined as set forth in the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance - Chapter 23; however, that base density shall not exceed the density permitted in the underlying zone in which the Planned Development Overlay will be situated.

  7. Bonus Density

    The City Council, after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission, may authorize a density bonus as an incentive for an applicant to provide amenities that are not required by the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance or the applicable underlying zone, and which otherwise would not be provided.

  8. Note

    The Planned Development Overlay shall overlay any of the Single Family Residential Zones set forth in Chapter 15 of the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance. Only one zone shall be designated for the entire development. The Planned Development Overlay shall be applied only to projects consisting of at least ten contiguous acres.

  9. Developer Address

    If different than applicant.

  10. Please list names, addresses and phone numbers for owners of property within 300 feet from the outer boundary of the subject property.

  11. Owner Address

    If different than applicant.

  12. Land Use shall be placed in a Planned Development Overlay as set for in the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance. The following documents and exhibits shall be submitted.

  13. A. Application for Planned Development Overlay

    You must submit this form online or by email, mail or hand deliver to the Kanab City Office.

  14. B. Record of Survey

    A map showing property corners or other boundaries which have been established or re-established by a Land Surveyor.

  15. C. Natural Resource Inventory Map

    To illustrate the following site conditions illustrating the requirements of Chapter 11 of the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance, to include, but not limited to: 1. Natural Features. 2. Sensitive Lands as defined in Chapter 11 of the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance. 3. Slopes greater than 40%, shall be measured in horizontal increments of no greater than 100 feet. 4. Site topography with contours of 2-feet or less. 5. Potentially expansive soils or potentially collapsible soils. 6. Fault Lines. 7. High ground water table(s). 8. A summary table listing acreages of the above items which have been identified on the proposed project site.

  16. D. Preliminary Site Plan

    This plan to include the following information. The information should be submitted on multiple sheets for clarity. 1. The name, address and telephone number of the applicant's agent, if any. 2. Land Use showing general location of proposed land uses. 3. Roadways: Show general locations of proposed interior collector and/or major arterial streets, and points of connection to existing city streets. Refer to the Kanab City Master Transportation Plan for proposed future connectivity. 4. Typical Lot layout. 5. Open Space. 6. Grading and Drainage. 7. Utilities. 8. Landscape. 9. Phasing. Refer to Kanab City Land Use Ordinance for specific informational requirements.

  17. E. Development Agreement

    This agreement shall be prepared and approved in conjunction with approval of the Planned Development Overlay. The purpose of this Development Agreement is to describe how the developer and the City will address items not expressly addressed in the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance.

  18. F. Parcel Map(s)

    These maps from the Kane County Recorders office showing the subject property and all property located within the minimum radius defined by ordinance.

  19. G. Traffic Impact Analysis

    As determined by the City Engineer.

  20. Signature of Property Owner(s)

    Each Owner(s) of property within this requested Planned Development Overlay must enter his/her name and date. Owner(s) understand that this application may require a public hearing before the Kanab City Planning Commission and/or the Kanab City Council if a publication for a meeting notice is required.

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