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Preliminary Plat Application (Major)

  1. After submitting this application, the applicant will have an opportunity to pay the required fee/deposits of $2200 + $85 per lot by mail or hand deliver to the Kanab City Office.

  2. Indicate property location using (East-West / North-South) street address.

  3. They can be submitted by mail, email, or hand delivered to the Kanab City Office.

  4. -The proposed subdivision name. -The name and address of the applicant, engineer or surveyor for the subdivision and the owners of the land to be subdivided. -The boundary dimensions and legal description of the subdivision. -A minimum scale of 1"=50'. -The proposed streets, parks, open spaces and other offers of public dedications showing widths and pertinent dimensions of each. -Existing rights-of way and easement grants of record for streets, underground utilities and other public purposes. -A north arrow facing the top of right margin. -Topography at minimum two foot contour intervals indicating existing terrain conditions. -The latest date on each sheet. -The location, width, and other dimensions of all existing or platted streets and other important features such as utility lines, and exceptional topography and structures within the proposed subdivision and within a two hundred foot (200') perimeter of the subdivision.

  5. Attach a letter from the power, water, and sewer utility providers stating its commitment to provide service to the proposed project and to be operational prior to the issuance of any building permit. Include written approval from the Public Health Department if its is determined that the property is not serviced by the public sewer system.

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