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Kanab City Cemetery
Kanab City Office
76 North Main
Kanab, Utah 84741

 Kanab City Cemetery Regulations



  • Access to Kanab City Cemetery is restricted to daylight hours only.

  • The speed limit within the Cemetery is 5 miles per hour.

  • Cars must not park and / or drive on the lawn areas.

  • Horses and dogs are not permitted in the cemetery.

  • No planting of plant material, or digging or disturbing the sod within the cemetery with out permission of the Cemetery Sexton or employee in charge.



  • Funeral flowers and floral pieces will be removed and discarded without notice when they become unsightly.

  • All holiday decorations will be removed within seven days (with the exception of Christmans).

  • Fresh cut flowers are permitted in a sunken vase, in headstone base, at any time. Fresh cut flowers will be removed and discarded when they become unsightly.

  • Complete general clean-up of ALL flowers and grave decorations will be schedules at the following times;

    - The first Monday in April. (For follow-up mowing until Memorial Day)
    - The Monday following Memorial Day.
    - The first Monday in November.



  • Grave markers shall either be flush with the ground or at least twelve inches (12") in height or higher, but not to exceed four and a half feet (4 1/2') in height.

  • Grave markers shall have a finished, grass-level stone or cement base (mow strip) extending outward from the outer perimeters of the stone or metal marker for at least four inches (4").

  • The combined length of the mow strip and grave marker shall not exceed 40 inches (40") for a single headstone, 80 inches for a double headstone (80"); or 120 inches (120") for a triple headstone.

  • The inscription with the names of the deceased on all grave markers or monuments shall be positioned on the stone or metal so that a person may be able to read it when facing east.

  • Kanab City will not be responsible for temporary grave markers.

  • The installation of all grave markers or monuments will be under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton or city employee in charge.

  • A notice to Kanab City (644-2534) by the monument company or the responsible party must be given to allow adequate time prior to the installation.






Plot (4 graves)






Open & Close



Open & Close



Perpetual Care
(per grave)












Resident - A person whose primary dwelling is inside the Kanab City limits.

Nonresident - A person whose primary dwelling is outside the Kanab City limits.



  • Perpetual care payment must be made prior to the opening and closing of grave. ($200.00)



  • All payment for opening and closing graves must be paid prior to the open and closing of the grave.

      - Week Days     $150.00
      - Weekends and Holidays    $200.00

  • The City of Kanab will open and close all graves.