Fire Department

Adapting to Growing Needs
Kanab City Fire Department (KFD) was created in May of 1949. Over the duration of the past sixty years the Kanab City Fire Department has evolved into an All Hazards Department. Not only do we fight fires, we also perform Extrication, Hazmat, Business Inspections, Pre-Planning of buildings, and Fire Code enforcement.

Fire Stations
The Kanab Fire Department has 2 fire stations within Kanab City limits.

Staff Meetings
Currently, KFD has 31 people on staff and are as follows:

  • Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Training Officer
  • 3 Captains
  • 3 Lieutenants
  • 2 Engineers
  • 20 Firefighters
Department Meetings
The department meets every Thursday at 19 hours for training and business. They train effectively and efficiently to be the most professional department that they can be. The department currently has an ISO rating of 5. We owe this to constant hard work and dedication to the department and its faculty.

More Information
For questions or other information, feel free to contact the fire chief or any of the Fire Department members.