Planning & Zoning

General Plan & Land Use

Kanab City's General Plan and Land Use Ordinance strive for a diversified economy and desirable development. Our Business/Land Use Coordinator is here to help you through all stages of development so that we can work toward this goal together!

 To apply for a Conditional Use Permit, Lot Line Adjustment (Plat Amendment), Minor Subdivision, Preliminary Plat, Final Plat, or Site Plan Review Click Here

Planning Commission

Planning Commission meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. To check the agenda, go online or call 435-644-2534.

Planning Commission Members:

Scott Colson, Chair
Kerry Glover, Chair Pro Tem
Ben Clarkson
Donna Huntsman
Chris Heaton
Boyd Corry
Ben Aiken

Building Permits 

In order to obtain a Building Permit, you must print out this Building Permit Application and fill it out as complete as possible. You may either scan it in and email it to our Land Use Coordinator Mike Reynolds at or drop it off at the Kanab City Offices. Be sure to include the drawings of the plan.
The Building Permit Checklist is also required with the attached cross section.