Business Licenses

Short-Term Rental Business License Application

​This form is for short-term rental business licenses only.
 If you are looking to license a vacation rental or bed and breakfast, print and complete the Short-Term Rental Business License Application. 
If you would like to download and email the application, please send it to
For all other businesses, please complete the form below. 

License Application

To apply for or renew a Kanab City Business License, print and complete the Kanab City Business License Application (PDF).
Health Department requirements for business license Health Department Notice.
Fire inspection requirements for short term rental business license Fire Inspection Requirements.
Business licensing  FAQ.
**Kanab City requires every business to have a Sales Tax Number and a State Registration Number regardless of business type in order to obtain a Kanab City Business License.**

License Requirements

A valid Kanab City business license is required for all businesses that are providing a service within the Kanab City limits. A business license is the means whereby Kanab City grants permission to engage in a business activity at a specific location within the City.

9-01-020 Business Definition

The act of employees rendering services to employers shall not be included in such terms unless otherwise specifically prescribed. To engage in any activity or business means:
  • Operating, keeping, conducting, or maintaining a vacation rental dwelling
  • Sale of tangible personal property at retail or wholesale
  • Manufacturing of goods
  • Rendering of services to others for a consideration, and includes (as examples, and not by way of limitation):
    • Banks
    • Contractors
    • Persons engaged in trades and crafts
    • Professionals, including doctors, lawyers, accountants and dentists
    • Real estate agents
    • Retail merchants
    • Savings and loan associations
A separate license shall be required for each type of business and for each place of business located within Kanab City.


The purpose of a business license is to regulate and license businesses providing a service within the limits of Kanab City; to determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances; to maintain a safe environment for the general public; and to assure that zoning, building, and fire codes are enforced.

Obtaining a License

Obtaining a business license in Kanab City begins by submitting a Business License Application. This application and any applicable fees must be submitted in person to the Kanab City Office at 26 N 100 East.

For seasonal and other temporary uses (fireworks, Christmas tree lot, etc.) a Temporary Use Permit must also be obtained.

Door to Door sales, or Solicitors, need to fill out a Solicitor's Application and a Back Ground Check Release form.