Cemetery Plot

General Information:

​1. Access to Kanab City Cemetery is restricted to day light hours only.

​2. The speed limit within the Cemetery is 5 miles per hour.

​3. Vehicles shall not park and/or drive on the sod areas.

​4. Animals are not permitted in the Cemetery.

​5. The City is not responsible for personal property left in the Cemetery.

​6. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all flowers (artificial or fresh cut), grave decorations, plants, holiday wreaths, etc. when they become withered, faded, inhibits or prevents grounds keeping, or at the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton.

​7. All remains to be interred shall be recorded at the City Office.

​Decoration of Graves

​1. Funeral Flowers and Floral Pieces

​ a. shall be removed without notice within five (5) days after interment.

​2. Flower Containers

​ a. the placing of baskets, boxes, pots, jars, cans, Sheppard's hooks, etc. will not be permitted on sodded areas.

​ b. permanent containers must be a part of the marker or cast into the cement foundation (no glass or ceramic vases).

​3.  Artificial Flowers

​ a. artificial flowers are permissible if placed in a permanent container.

​4. Grave Decorations

​ a. decorations shall not be allowed on sodded areas from March 1st to October 1st, except during the Memorial Day Holiday.

​ b. artificial flowers and grave decorations are permitted on any location from November 1st to February 28th, Memorial Day and 4th of July. Memorial Day decorations shall be removed before 8:00 AM of the 11th of July.

​5. Fresh Cut Flowers

​ a. fresh cut flowers are permitted in permanent containers anytime.

​6. Planting or Excavating

​ a. no planting of any type of plant material, digging or disturbing the sod within the cemetery will be permitted.

​Markers and Monuments (Please read BEFORE you order a Monument or Marker)

​1. Grave Markers shall either be flush with the ground or at least twelve inches (12") in height or higher, but not to exceed four and a half feet (54") in total height, except on Graves 5,6,7,8 of a plot they shall be flush with the ground.

​2. Grave Markers shall have a finished, grass-level stone or cement base (mow strip) extending outward from the outer perimeters of the stone or metal marker for at least four inches (4").

​3. The combined length of the mow strip and grave marker shall not exceed 40 inches (40") for a single headstone, eighty inches (80") for a double headstone.

​4.The inscription with the names of the deceased on all grave markers or monuments shall be positioned on the stone or metal so that a person may be able to read it when facing east.

​5. Kanab City will not be responsible for temporary grave markers.

​6. The installation of all grave markers or monuments will be under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton.

​7. A notice to Kanab City by the Monument Company or responsible party shall be given 24 hours prior to the installation.

​8. No foot stones shall be permitted.

​9. Only one (1) marker per grave shall be allowed.

​10. No obscene wording, gestures or pictures allowed.


Effective 7/1/2023

(To qualify for resident rates, you must live in the Kanab City limits for at least 6 months)

Burial Spot  - (Perpetual costs must be paid at time of burial spot purchase)

Resident - $500

Non-Resident - $1000

Rose Garden  - (costs include opening and closing costs except on Weekends and Federal/State Holidays)

Resident $500

Non-resident $1000

Weekend rate - additional $50

Holiday rate – additional $100

Perpetual Care  - (Must be paid at the time burial spot is purchased)

Resident - $500

Non-resident - $1000

Opening and Closing of Graves 

(payment due prior to the opening of the grave)


Week Days:

Resident $300 

Non-Resident $600


Resident $400

Non-Resident $800

Federal/State Holidays:

Resident $500 

Non-Resident $1000


$500 plus vault disposal fee

Plots will be located by the Cemetery Sexton or their designee with close communication with the city office, prior to the opening of any grave (including cremations}, or placement of any grave marker or monument. ​*The City will open and close all graves: Plots will be located by the Cemetery Sexton or his designee with close communication with the city office, prior to the opening of any grave (including cremations), or placement of any grave marker or monument.