Scheduling Inspections

Inspections should be called once the work is complete and ready for an inspection.  A re-inspection fee may be applied if the inspection is called in and the work being inspected is not on test or ready.

Inspections will be scheduled within 3 business days after the day on which the request is received. Inspections will be scheduled: 

Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Friday - 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Inspections should be called into the Building Department at 435-899-9321 .  When requesting your inspection you must include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Type of Inspection
  3. Permit Holder's Name
  4. Permit Number
  5. Address of Project

General Inspection Rules

  • Do Not cover up any work that requires an inspection.  Once a inspection has passed work can commence.
  • No building shall be occupied until a final inspection is passed and a Certificate of Occupancy is granted or a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is granted.  this includes moving personal items into the building prior to occupancy.
  • Inspections that are called in and are not ready at the time of inspection may result in a re-inspections fee that must be paid prior to scheduling the inspection.

Required Inspections

The following inspections are required:

Footing & Set Back: Inspect footing reinforcement before pouring concrete footings.  All spot footings and interior footings require inspection.  Property lines must be marked or a string line placed for set back inspection. 

Foundation: Inspect the foundation wall reinforcement before pouring concrete walls.  We will inspect the foundation later for a damp proof coating.

Underground Plumbing: Inspect the underground plumbing before it is covered and the floor is poured.  Testing with compressed air is not allowed for plastic pipe on DWV.

Shear Wall & Sheeting: Inspect the shear wall and sheeting before they are covered by any house wrap or other material.  Can be included with 4-way if requested when scheduling.

4-way: Inspect the framing, rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough mechanical and rough gas.

Flashing: Required on exterior wall penetrations, windows and doors.

Insulation: Inspect all insulation before it is covered by sheetrock or any other material.

Drywall/Wallboard: Inspect rough drywall before taping and applying drywall mud.

Meter Base: (if applicable)

Flashing: Inspect flashing for all windows, doors and penetrations on the exterior wall.  This must be done prior to any exterior wall coverings that may cover the flashing. Can be included with 4-way if requested when scheduling.

Stucco Lath: (if applicable)

Vapor Barrier/House Wrap: Inspect vapor barrier/house wrap on exterior before applying siding, stucco lath or other finishes.

Lag: Inspect lag, both roof and wall, for manufactured home

Jacks & Tie Downs: Inspect tie downs and jacks on manufactured home

Final Inspection: Inspect final electrical, plumbing, mechanical, foundation grade, exterior finish, etc.  The Building Thermal Envelope & Duct Air Leakage Compliance Report is required to obtain Certificate of Occupancy.  A Builder's Certification can be completed in place of the Whole House Pressure Test (Blower Door).  An Insulation Certification is required to obtain Certificate of Occupancy.  Please leave these documents at the project, drop off at City office or email them to