Burn Permits

Before you burn, you will need a permit. To get a permit, you will need to contact the Kanab City Office (435) 644-2534.

If a permit has not been signed for your burn, the fire will be extinguished and a citation may be issued.

You will be required to obtain a permit for the day that you will be burning. Burning may only occur during the open burn windows: March 1st - May 31th and November 1st - November 30th. These permits are valid for one week at a time.

The following links will give statewide information regarding open burning. Note that if the Clearing Index is below 500, you will not be permitted to burn.

Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR, for proper procedure)

Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ, for Clearing Index and Permit Criteria)

National Weather Service (Clearing Index by Air Shed 3)

The City Council will be considering the adoption of a Zoning Matrix (table) which lists all parcels within city limits and delineates the zone designated for each.  In the past, the City has relied upon and posted a Zoning Map, as part of its Land Use Ordinance.  While the City anticipates the continued use of a Zoning Map, upon adoption it will use the Zoning Matrix as the controlling record for zoning designations, due to the ease of updating the Zoning Matrix and frequent and routine delay in updating the Zoning Map.  Prior to adoption, the Zoning Matrix is being posted for review by the public.  If you have questions about the delineated parcels or zoning designations shown, then please contact the Land Use Coordinator at the City Office (435) 644-2534.

Restricted Areas for Fireworks in Kanab City as of 5/25/2022

As we approach July, we would like to remind everyone of the restricted fireworks areas in place. We want everyone to have a SAFE and happy 4th of July. The following are the areas in Kanab where Fireworks are BANNED.

1. All areas south of 750 South; 

2. All areas west of 300 West; and 

3. All areas east of 600 East 

Discharge times and dates:

Between the hours of 11 am and 11 pm except as noted:

July 2 – July 5 (July 4th hours extended to midnight)

July 22 – 25 (July 24th hours extended to midnight)

December 31 (11 am – 1 am Jan. 1) Chinese New Year’s Eve (11 am – 1 am the following day)

Fireworks can be an exciting way to celebrate. Fireworks need to be treated with respect and care. With the drier than normal spring this year the area has experienced an increase in fire potential, all vegetation will easily ignite and spread fire rapidly!

We hope to prevent any fires from Fireworks, but history tells us that there will be an increase in calls to the fire department over the next month.

Click the link to see the full Ordinance.    ---  Ordinance No. 5-2-22 O

Firework Zones
Firework Zones
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