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General Plan Amendment Application

  1. Please Include the following:
    1. The public may request amendments to the Plan. Applicants must show that any amendment of the Plan is in harmony and consistent with City land use ordinances, is in the best interest of the City, promotes the general welfare of the community and does not decrease the quality of life for the citizens of Kanab. 2. Mailing labels for property owners of property within 300 feet from the subject property(s). 3. Two copies of a site plan to include 140 feet of the surrounding properties, structures (proposed or existing), area to be reserved (vehicular & pedestrian circulation, parking, open space, etc.) 4. Clear and concise written proposal related to amendment application & the site plan if a site plan needed. Use an additional attachment as needed. 5. Any covenants or deed restrictions in effect to any subject properties. 6. Legal description of subject property, certified by a licensed land surveyor in the state of Utah.
  2. Impacts on Sensitive Lands?
  3. Fees
    $200 + Acreage Charge + Mailer Charge Fees are due prior to Planning Commission
  4. Below Sections for Kanab City Use Only
  5. Kanab Planning Commission
  6. Kanab City Council
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