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Home Occupation Permit Application

  1. I (we) the below listed applicant(s) for a Home Occupation permit hereby acknowledge that I (we) have been informed of the conditions that apply to a home occupation as set forth in the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance. A Home Occupation is any use conducted entirely within a dwelling and carried on by solely persons residing in the dwelling unit, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes and does not change the character thereof. The home occupation may use any accessory building and shall not use any yard space outside the main dwelling or accessory building. I (we) agree to comply with those conditions as listed below.
  2. Please Include with this application:
    Description or summary of what the Applicant is requesting. Conditional Use Permit: to be submitted prior to and/or at the same time Application for Home Occupation. *May be required based on type of business. Note: Home Occupation shall not occupy a total area greater than twenty-five (25) percent of the improved portions of the dwelling and shall not change the character thereof. Accessory buildings may be used, but outside storage or activities are not permitted except for nursery school and day-care, in which case, it is presumed that rear yard space is utilized and the rear yard space must be completely fenced with at least a six (6) foot high fence. Signs or other outside displays shall not be allowed. Any employee that does not reside at the residence shall not be allowed. Off-Street parking will be provided which will, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, be adequate to accommodate all vehicles which will be parked on or about the premises by customers, clients, or occupants of the dwelling. Said off-street parking will be provided so that it will not decrease residential amenities in the area surrounding the dwelling.
  3. Prohibited Home Occupation Uses Include:
    Businesses which entail the harboring, breeding, and raising of dogs, cats, or other large orsmall animals on the premises. Primary medical and dental offices, clinics, and laboratories. Mini storage, vehicle repair (body or mechanical) and vehicle painting. Any other use determined by the Planning Commission to be not incidental nor compatible withresidential surroundings.
  4. Revocation:
    A Conditional Use Permit covering home occupation shall be revoked or modified by the Planning Commission if any one of the following findings can be made: That the use has become detrimental to the public health, safety, traffic, or constitutes a nuisance. That the permit was obtained by misrepresentation or fraud. That the condition of the premises, or the area of which it is part has changed so that the use is no longer justified under the meaning and intent of the Application. That one or more of the conditions of the Conditional Use Permit have not been met. That the use is in violation of any statute, ordinance, Law or regulation. That the use does not meet requirements in Chapter 4-28 and Chapter 8 of the KanabCity Land Use Ordinance. That the use for which the permit was granted has ceased or was suspended for six or moreconsecutive calendar months.
  5. I (we) understand that the home occupation is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling and shall not change the character of the building or the character of the surrounding area.
  6. I (we) further understand that the home occupation shall not create any nuisance to adjacent properties or the surrounding area and shall not create any risks to the public health or safety. Violations may result in revocation of license and conditional use.
  7. For Kanab City Use Only
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