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  1. Kanab City Sign Application 25 N 100E Kanab, Utah 84741 435-644-2534
  2. Please fill out the below information. An incomplete application form may delay the sign review by staff. Please note that any sign requiring a sign permit should not be installed until the sign application has been approved and a sign permit is issued by staff. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all pertinent and required documentation to submit for review. Aerial photographs or pictures of the site may not be substituted in place of a site plan; however, these may be submitted in addition to the site plan. Please Note: Signs located in the C1 Commercial Zone may have more restrictive requirements regarding height, display area, color, and etc.
  3. Is this sign application for; (Mark the ones that apply to this application)*
  4. * No fees charged for Temporary signs (See Banner, Temporary, & A-Frame sign for times allowed).
  5. **Electronic Drawing or Photo must be included with all sign Applications.
  6. Kanab City Sign Application Submittal Requirement
    A Zoning Permit sign review requires one (1) electronic copy of a site plan drawn to scale and one (1) electronic copy of plansfor wall and/or building sign for review. Additional paper copies may be requested during the review process. Please allow staff time to complete the review. We recommend that you review the zoning requirements in Chapter 7 for your activity prior to preparing your site plan. Signs should not be erected, installed, or replaced prior to obtaining a valid zoning sign permit. The plan shall show:
  7. A. The shape and dimensions of the lot on which the proposed sign is to be erected.
  8. B. The width of adjoining road rights-of-way or utility easements, and the location of the lot with respect to these rights-of-way. It is the responsibility of the applicant to determine the location and distance of the road right- of-way or utility easements.
  9. C. The location of all existing and proposed signs on the property, and their distance (in feet) to adjoining properties and road rights-of-way.
  10. D. Any advertising sign site plan must show or note the location of and distance to any other advertising signs within the required radius or separation distance for the type of advertising sign requested. (See Chapter7 of the Kanab Land Use Ordinance).
  11. E. The distance from the sign to any overhead power lines. All signs shall maintain clearances from all overhead electrical conductors in accordance with the National Electric Code, provided that no sign shall be installed closer than ten (10) feet horizontally or vertically from any conductor. In the case of possible conflict with the local utility provider’s requirements, the more restrictive requirement shall apply.
  12. F. Diagram showing detail, dimensions, and height of sign.
  13. G. As to wall signs, the overall display area must be calculated and shown on a diagram. An elevation drawing illustrating the wall dimensions is required as part of the submittal.
  14. H. Any color schemes for color signs must be included.
  15. I. Proposed window signs, dimensions, and locations must be included.
  16. Additional Information:
    The sign regulations are contained in the Kanab Land Use Ordinance Chapter 7. A Permit does not imply approval of, or constitute a privilege to violate, any other applicable federal, state or local ordinance, codes, laws, or private restrictive covenants.
  17. • All Banner signs (except A Frame sign) must be removed after 6 (six) months from date permitted for installation.
  18. • All signs 6’ above ground level shall have engineered attachment or Supports/Anchors (other than temporary banners).
  19. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to obtain all required permits from other governing agencies.
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