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Site Plan Review Application

  1. Fees
    The calculated fees are required before processing of this application can begin. After submitting this form the applicant will have an opportunity to pay the required fees/deposits of $600 deposit + $50 / Acre, over 1 Acre by mail or by hand delivery to the Kanab City Office. Additional deposits will be required when initial deposits are fully expended. Any unused portion of deposits will be refunded to applicant upon completion of the project.
  2. Indicate property location using (East-West / North-South) street address.
  3. Development Committee Meetings are normally held on Wednesday(s) at 10 AM in the Kane County Commission Chambers. This application will need to be submitted a minimum of one week in advance of the date listed above.
  4. Refer to Kanab City Land Use Ordinance - Sensitive Lands Section
  5. Devloper Address
    If different than Applicant.
  6. Ajacent Property Owner(s) Notification
    A list of names, phone numbers, street addresses and mailing addresses for owners of property within 140 feet from the outer boundary of the subject property. (Note: This includes property owners across the street and in the rear of the subject property. In determining the 140 feet, the width of any intervening street or alley shall not be included.)
  7. These items are required before meeting with Planning Commission
    1. Site Plan Construction Drawing(s) 2. Signed letter from the Kanab City Engineer - indicating approval of the Site Plan Construction Drawing(s) 3. Meet the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance (Chapter 9) requirements.
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