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Utility Service Application

  1. Fees

    There is a $110 water deposit required for renters. If the water in the residence is currently on, there is an additional $15 meter reading fee. If the water is currently off, there is a $50 water connection fee.  Services require one business day to be connected. Applications summited on Friday will be completed on Monday.  Please call or come in to the Kanab City Office to pay.

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  9. The applicant agrees to pay monthly for the utility service rendered by the City of Kanab. Charges for service will be made at the established rates for the class of service applicable to the applicant.
  10. The undersigned herby applies for water service from the municipality of Kanab, Utah and herby agrees: 1. To pay charges for such water service as are fixed from time to time by the governing body until such time as I/we shall direct such service to be discontinued. 2. In the event of a failure to pay water charges within the due dates fixed by the governing body or a failure of the occupant of the premises to conform to the ordinances and regulations established by the governing body regulating the use of the water system, that the municipality shall have the right to discontinue the water system service at its election, pursuant to five days written notice of the municipality's intention mailed to the address of service, until all delinquencies and any re-connection fees imposed are paid in full or until any failure to conform to this ordinance or regulations issued thereunder is eliminated. 3. To be bound by the rules regulations, resolutions, or ordinances enacted or adopted by the governing body applicable to the municipality's water system. 4. Applicant will deposit the appropriate fees with the municipality on the filing of this application for water service, and it is agreed and understood that the municipality may, but need not, apply the deposit upon bills due for prior service and that right of the municipality to shut off service as above provided shall exist even though the deposit has not been applied to the payment of past due bills for services. On final settlement of applicant's account, any unused balance of the deposit will be refunded to applicant upon return of the security deposit receipt issued by the municipality at the time the deposit is made. 5. The deposit shall not be considered as an advance payment for any service. Charges and unpaid accounts shall be considered delinquent notwithstanding the existence of the deposit and the applicant or user of water service shall not have the right to compel the municipality to apply deposit to any account to avoid delinquency. 6. In the event of collection, I/we agree to pay all attorney's fees, court costs, filing fees, and all collection costs, up to 50% of amount owed, may be assessed by any collection agency retained to pursue the matter. I/we further agree to pay interest at the rate of 1 and 1/2% per month (18% per year).
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